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Keeping Your Girls in Check: A Guide to Bras and Sizing

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The worst type of workout is an interrupted workout, especially one interrupted by ill-fitting gym clothes! Ladies, we’ve all been there. You’re in yoga class feeling strong and tall from that tree pose, until you downward dog to only catch a glimpse of your girls spilling out and going rogue. SOS. If you’re like me, you try to inconspicuously do a one-handed downward dog to prevent flashing the rows in front you. Your arm is shaking but then the inevitable happens, timber! You end up splattered across your mat where you negotiate, “It’s okay, I’m just in child’s pose”—can you say downward dud? After a wardrobe malfunction, it’s difficult to resume a workout with the same intensity because not only are you now hyperaware but you’re probably beating yourself up for wearing that bra in the first place—I know I did.

We aren’t alone, approximately 70-80% of women are wearing the wrong bra and size (find out how to measure your size here), while 17% of women choose to decrease their intensity because of breast pain! Scientific studies (Holler, Oo, Wang, Sakakibara & Kasai, 2012) have even found neck and shoulder pain as a potential result of wearing the wrong bra—and you can’t argue with science!

When choosing a bra, keep in mind that the intensity of your workout warrants an appropriate bra to match your breast size and the level of support you need.

A to B Cup


For a light workout, smaller-busted girls can opt for a less support; cue the Namos bra. Not only is this bra giving me life but the straps and graffiti print add interest while also shaping the bust rather than flattening it.

For a higher impact workout, or even if you have narrow shoulders (like me!) or just need support, adjustable bras or a halter styles are a great option. Bonus, these, like the Mitchell bra, also reduce the gape (you know that puckering you get when you go up a size but can’t quite fill out the top? AKA my entire existence) when you do exercises that require upper body movement or any kind of bending (please refer to my first paragraph).

B to C Cup


Straps on straps on straps on straps, Titika’s Betsey bra is your new BFF for a low to moderate impact workout. Functional straps—vertical, horizontal and racerbacks— promote motion without spillage (and they just look badass). Thicker straps are always a good idea and the Bond bra provides great support for a more intense workout!

D+ Cup


You want a bra that limits the bounce factor, is comfortable and provides support. You may think—compression bras!! Although, they may help with bouncing they may not be the most comfortable bras out there and they contribute to the dreaded ‘uniboob.’ For lower impact workouts, the Era bra is a great choice as the flat seams provide movement and the intricate woven back adds a strong foundation to keep the straps supportive. For a more intense workout, the Cut out bra is not only chic with its peek-a-boo but it reduces bouncing and its straps are soft enough to provide support without cutting off your circulation. You might ask, ‘do you even lift, bra?’ Yes, yes it does.

Ta-da, you are officially an expert in workout bras and breast size, now all that’s left to do is fearlessly workout (if you need me, I’ll be downward dogging my heart out)! And because I’m invested, I’ve created a nifty summary chart; don’t say I never gave you anything.

Bra Chart


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