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Being a fitness model, MMA fighter and a power lifter, April Lea-Hutchinson is the embodiment of strength, determination and fearlessness. We had the pleasure of interviewing this long time T-Girl and got a peek into her routine, training regimen and her path from MMA to power lifting.

Read on to see how April reps Versatile. Active. Life. every single day!

What motivated you to take up MMA and power-lifter?

I first started training in Muay Thai boxing back in 2015. I had my first amateur Cage Fight with over 1000 spectators. It was quite an experience. I guess you could say it was a quest of mine to achieve at 40 years old. Scratch that one off my bucket list!


I started power lifting as part of my training and preparation for my fight. I really enjoyed it and did pick it up quickly. I think I found my niche! Power lifting is my main love these days with my coach. Well, health and fitness is my passion in general.

How do you find MMA/power lifting different than other sports?

With fighting/boxing or powerlifting and Olympic lifting, I am a one woman show. I can focus on myself and really concentrate, feel the way my body moves, my muscles, and notice what needs improvements and at the same time commend myself for my sole achievements. I am accountable for myself and how I train, my diet, 24/7, and how I treat myself and my body. It's a lot of self-respect and a lot of determination and discipline.

What was the hardest challenge for you?

I think the hardest challenge is going to the movies and not ordering a large buttery popcorn! Like I said, I am only human and temptation is everywhere especially with food. 

What is your secret indulgence?


Who inspires you?

First and foremost my mother has always been my inspiration. She battled diabetes and cancer yet she managed to run marathons and volunteered her time to help children in need. She was my true hero. My father has installed strength and morals and has given me the best life and helped me be who I am today. Other than that, I look up to other athletes, my coach Brian Fletcher, Chris Clements, my amazing boyfriend; people trying to help out to make the world a better place. Other strong females in the fitness community as well. 

What do you do now to stay in shape?

I train three times a week powerlifting and Olympic lifting; which consists of deadlifts, snatches, cleans & jerks, benching, power squats, (both front & back squats) once a week with a mobility coach, boxing, swimming when I can and/or Yoga. I also stick to a clean diet- green smoothies in the morning before my workout. Only whole foods. I am always active, hiking or trying to do extreme sports in the outdoors when the weather is agreeable.

If you could only take 3 Titika items with you on a workout adventure which ones would you take?

Firstly, the Metro Training Sports tank. I can wear it to the gym then wear it out with a skirt after to a dance club! Secondly, the Zuri Training Legging fits just right. The breathable fabric and snug fit works so well when training. Looks fabulous! Thirdly, the Lovely Lace Bralette - I love to wear this as lingerie (very sexy) but under sportswear because it’s supportive at the same time. 

How did you discover Titika Active?

Browsing through a local mall in London, Ontario. I instantly fell in love with the apparel, I found it to be very unique in style and fit.

What is your motto in life?

"To thine own self be true"

If someone is thinking of changing their lifestyle, what would you advise them to do?

I would suggest making small improvements to your health and lifestyle. Don't be too critical or hard on yourself. For example, cutting out refined sugars, or trying to get to the gym once or twice a week. Every little step helps and once you get the momentum, you feel the rush and adrenaline and see the changes.... that alone can keep you pushing forward to a new and healthy YOU!

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I do hope in 5 years that I am much stronger in many areas of my life - mentally, spiritually and physically. I am always trying to improve myself and strive for a better tomorrow. I am a very "one day at a time" person. I can only hope for the best and do my best every day.


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