Versatility is crucial in any wardrobe. Our bottoms, leggings with mesh cut out, cropped leggings, flare pants or shorts, are all designed with this element in mind. 4-way stretch and moisture wicking fabric make them your perfect workout buddies. Want to dress up? Pair them with heels or boots and you are ready for night out.

多功能是所有衣櫥的關鍵,也是Titika的特色。我們的網紗拼接緊身褲、七分緊身褲、運動長褲或短褲,全部都具有此特質。四向彈力、吸濕排汗的面料是你運動服的首選。而搭配上高跟鞋或靴子時,就是Night out的時間了。

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