Fabrics and Functions



Here at TITIKA we are excited and pumped to be a part of a team that produces goods with the highest standards in production quality, all while doing so ethically! Unlike many apparel companies, we own and manage our own production facility abroad. This means that our production house is staffed with TITIKA employees, which most importantly allows us to provide top-of-line benefits and ethical working conditions for our staff. We have an amazing team that loves what they do, starting from our production facility to our stores. We pride ourselves in our outstanding quality inspection and attention to every detail. This process is managed by some of the finest, experienced tailors in the world.

The TITIKA production team abroad communicates daily with the Canadian design team to maintain a consistent and close relationship. This strong and fluid communication flow speeds the production process and allows for the arrival of fresh new product to our stores every two weeks. The flexibility in production keeps our retail stores fresh, unique and always evolving.

We assure that the newest technology is sewn into every garment. Fine fabrics and laser welding machinery are some of the many tools that help to drive our success. With that said, we are proud to say that TITIKA is quickly being recognized in the industry as having a leading, cutting edge in the athleisure marketplace.

Titika Core Fabric- Supplex®

Supplex® offers the feel of cotton with the benefits of advanced fiber technology. Developed by INVISTA, SUPPLEX fabrics are moisture wicking, quick dry and breathable. They hold their shape, dry faster than cotton and retain their color.

- Light Supplex (<220G/M2) can be used for summer sports bra and tanks. Suitable for indoor gym or high-sweat activities

- Regular Supplex (280G-M2) used for yoga leggings and tops. Breathable, quick dry and moisture wick properties together with 4-way stretch makes it a great choice for indoor gym, yoga and training activities

- Heavy Supplex (320/M2) -great support and coverage while providing warmth and comfort

- Fleece Supplex – Fleece in the inside layer provides warmth, suitable for winter leggings and jackets, provides both warmth and moisture-wick properties

Keep you Dry and Warm – Aqua Resist

Aqua Resist has been bonded to two of more layers to make it the most waterproof, ever. The water resistant nylon is bonded to the polyester fleece to make it cozy and warm. Great for any activities where extreme weather or moisture may come into play.

Fabric that illuminates you – Celliant Air Flow

Celliant is a proprietary fiber, which has proven to recycle and convert body hear into infrared energy. The result? Increased circulation, amplified stamina and body temperature regulation. By loading the thermal reactive minerals blend directly into the fiber, the effect of Celliant never wear out through washing or wear.

Embrace Mother Earth- Natural Fibers

1. Modal – a bio-based fabric made from beech wood fibers that’s soft, airy and light as a feather.

2. Wool – there coil-shaped fibers naturally wick excess heat and moisture to perfectly regulate body temperature.

3. Pima Cotton – light weight and breathable. When blended with modal, its shaping holding properties is often used to make yoga and other fitness outfits.

4. Tencel® – Tencel® (lyocell) is a new leader in eco-friendly fibers. Made from raw material wood, this fiber is able to retain more water than cotton optimizing moisture wicking abilities, is more breathable than linen keeping you cool during workout, and is smoother than silk providing you with long lasting comform


Silver Yarn is actually woven through the fabric to inhibit growth of destructive, odour-causing bacteria.


A specialty fiber, Tactel® fiber creates garments that are soft, smooth, breathable and lightweight. Testing results show that Tactel® fiber is twice as soft, 20 percent lighter than most other fibers and dries eight times faster than cotton. Tactel® fiber is strong, enabling the production of fabrics that are three times as strong as those made with natural fibers.


This versatile woven fabric offers freedom of movement and stretch to provide no-bulk coverage and airflow.


Perforated for extreme breathability and four-way stretch for easy movement. Let those legs breath!



A small flap which covers the zipper to protect your chin and from being scratched.


We want you to be noticed and just because you look great. Reflective details in our design ensure you are seen in the dark.


Don’t let a little water get you down. Our gear is ready to take on the wet weather with you.


Move with the music without the fuss. Use the cord slot to secure your cord and allow your hands to be free.


The thumb holes are designed for dual purpose – not only to keep your hands warm but also to keep your sleeves in place during work out or a run.


We’ve got you covered, literally. Cuff gloves fold over to cover your fingers to stay warm in chilly days.


To relieve from wearing an extra layer, we have added built-in bras to some of our tops for added convenience, comfort and support.


Designed for added shape and support, these removable bra cups are easily removable for washing


A gusset is a girl’s best friend. The extra piece of fabric is sewn between the legs to prevent the leggings/pants from riding up and providing extra support.


Leave your baggage at home-stash pockets are the perfect size for key, gym pass or credit cards.


A special stitch is used to create flat seams on our garments. It reduces irritation caused by extra fabric rubbing against your skin during workout.