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Fabrics and Functions

Our Commitment to Quality

Unlike many apparel companies, Titika Active Couture owns and manages its own production facility abroad. This means that our production house is staffed with Titika employees, which most importantly allows us to provide top-of-line benefits and ethical working conditions for our staff. We have an amazing team that loves what they do, starting from our production facility to our stores. We pride ourselves on 100% quality inspection and attention to every detail. This process is managed by some of the finest, experienced tailors in the world. The Titika production team abroad communicates daily with the Canadian design team.

This strong communication flow speeds the production process and allows for the arrival of new goods to our stores every two weeks. The flexibility in production keeps our retail stores fresh, exciting and always changing.

The newest technology, fine fabrics and laser welding machinery all help to drive our success. Titika Active Couture is quickly being recognized in the industry as having a leading edge in the fashion marketplace.

Fabric Functions

Abrasion Resistance - the degree by which a fabric is able to withstand loss of appearance through surface wear, rubbing, chafing and other frictional actions.

Absorbency - the ability of a fabric to take in moisture. Absorbency is an extremely important property, effecting things like skin comfort, static build-up, shrinkage, stain removal, repelling moisture and wrinkle recovery.

Anti-Aroma - keeps you fresh and odor free. Pure silver thread is woven through high performance fabrics to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus. You're welcome!

Blends - the combing of two of more types of staple fibres in one yarn to achieve color mixtures such as heathering, unusual dying variations and improved performance characteristics.

Breathable - this feature allows for the passage of air flow through your garment to cool you down and decrease moisture.

Durability - the ability of a fabric to resist wear and tear through continual use.

Eco-Friendly - fabrics whose creation and existence cause very little, if any, harm to the environment.

Four-Way Stretch - the ability of a fabric to stretch from all angles, moving with you like a second skin.

Heavy Weight - also referred to as expedition weight. Most often used in base layers, thick and warm these fabrics are usually brushed on the inside for warmth and wicking and smooth on the outside to protect.

Insulation - with respect to a fabric, a material that protects from the loss of warmth and penetration of cold.

Knit Fabric - fabrics made from one set of yarns all running in the same direction. Knits are held together by looping the yarns around each other, creating ridges in the resulting fabric.

Lightweight - fabric with a light and airy weave. Used as a lightweight base layer in apparel for aerobic activities and cool weather.

Lining - a fabric that is used to cover the inside of another fabric to provide a finished look and/or increase functionality. Generally, the lining is made of a smooth and lustrous fabric.

Moisture Wicking - this technology in a fabric keeps moisture away from the body.

Quick Dry - you got it, fabric that dries quickly after a workout or wash.

Stain Resistant - the ability of a fabric to resist wetting or staining of moisture.

Water Resistant - fabric treated chemically to resist water or given a 'coating treatment' to make it resistant. A degree by which water is able to penetrate a fabric. Not to be confused with water-repellent.

Wind Resistant - the ability of a fabric to act against or oppose the penetration or wind or air, though it is not completely wind proof.

Wrinkle Recovery - the ability of a fabric to bounce back after it has been twisted, wrinkled or distorted in any way. Some fabrics are able to eliminate wrinkling because of their own resilience. Laboratory tests are made to determine the degree or amount a fabric will recover from wrinkling.

Garment Functions

Built-In Bra - relieve yourself from wearing an extra layer, these garments have a supportive shelf bra built into them.

Chafe-Free Flat Seams - special stitching used to create a flat seam on garments. This seam reduces extra fabric which can rub and irritate skin while you move.

Cord Slot - move with the music but keep that pesky cord at bay. Secure your music in your pocket and use this slot to secure your cord.

Cuff Gloves - unsure if you will need mittens on your morning run? We've got you covered, literally. These special cuffs fold over, covering your fingers and hands for those chilly days.

Gusset - this extra piece of fabric is sewn between the legs of your bottoms to keep them from riding up and showing more than desired.

Reflectors - reflective details on our gear ensures that you are seen in the dark no matter what your activity.

Removable Cups - we use cups in our built in bras for added shape and support. Don't need any help in that department? They are easily removed.

Stash Pocket - a compact pocket built into your waistband to hold smaller items such as bank cards, keys and music players.

Thumb Holes - comfortable stitched-in holes at a garments cuff to keep your sleeves in place while you move.

Under-Arm Vents - mesh vented inserts under the arms of a sleeved garment to provide the utmost breathability.

Zipper Cover - a small flap to cover a garments zipper, keeping the zipper in place and protecting your chin and neck from any contact.

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