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Born out of the need for luxury activewear, Titika Active Couture arrived on the scene in 2009. Titika is a lifestyle brand known for redefining how activewear is worn, from the gym to business and everything in between. The carefully selected fabric and high quality construction are the foundation for our sport inspired street style, and versatile active pieces that are as fierce in the gym as they are for a night out.

Titika Active Couture2009年成立,回應市場對高級運動服裝的需求。重視生活品味的Titika,致力改變沉悶及單一的運動服裝,令它們不再侷限於健身房中,在各個場合都能展現光彩。嚴格挑選的面料及高級的設計是一切的基礎,使我們能一直貫徹運動休閒風格,讓所有人都可以自信地穿梭在健身房與派對之間。



R = Respect 尊重, Revolution 革命 
E = Express 表達
B = Try your Best 努力
L = Lifestyle 生活方式

Design 設計

Titika Active Couture consciously designs active and lifestyle gear to meet the ever-changing needs of women in all settings. Titika brings a sense of playfulness to sleek minimalistic pieces that are perfect for layering. Each piece is carefully designed with a specific purpose in mind. The result? Active and transitional wear is easy to style, comfortable and functional.



Fabric 面料

At Titika we are always excited to discover and use modern fabric technology in all of our clothing to serve the ultimate major needs for our girls - day to night and work to play. We are constantly sourcing high-end and high-tech textiles that work as hard as you do. Our active gear is not only comfortable but also jam-packed with properties that are seriously worth tweeting about, like four way stretch, shape-holding, durability, and breathability.  Our clothing is versatile, luxurious, super cozy and most importantly, stylish. Long story short, you’ll just be glad to know you won’t have to run home and change before happy hour.


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