We offer the following payment methods: VISA, MasterCard and Paypal. 

我們接受不同的付款方式:VISA, MasterCard 和 Paypal. 

VISA MasterCard 

Our online payment processes meet the most stringent international security standards set by the Payment Card Industry. We display the logos of Visa, MasterCard and Paypal as recognised marks of secure payment.

我們的網上付款系統達到信用卡發行機構的要求,保證安全。你可以在我們的網站找到Visa, MasterCard和Paypal的標式。

Should you encounter difficulties paying via credit cards, please follow the steps below.


1. Choose "Paypal" as Payment Method 選擇"Paypal"為付款方式

2. It will be directed to Paypal page. Fill out the information without creating a Paypal account. 你會去到Paypal的頁面。如沒有帳號,請填妥資料。