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坐著也能瘦!3 個在辦公室也能做到的運動
scarlett chiu
坐著也能瘦!3 個在辦公室也能做到的運動

如果你的心聲是 "每天下班已經很累,那有時間運動,不如爭取時間早點睡覺...",那麼作為繁忙OL的你有救了! 實在很明白長時間坐在辦公室,運動量少也是無可避免,現在介紹3個簡單的小運動,讓你偷偷在辦公室做。一於邊工作邊瘦身吧!

Are you a busy office lady got no time to work out? We totally understand, spending long time in work is hard to exercise. So we now recommend three easy little exercise you can do in your workplace! 


 Singapore YouTuber Seraphina Yong wearing Metro Bra and Kylie Leggings


1. 改掉不良坐姿 Sit properly!


Pay some attentions to your sitting position, it can affect the health of your spine and pelvis, and also let you gain weight! The correct way to sit is long spine and pull your tummy in. Let your upper body and thigh as a L shape. 


Hong Kong influencer Anthea (Left): Lacey Heart Bra & Marcella Leggings
Singapore blogger Sheryl (Right): Lacey Heart Bra & Ivy Legging 


2.坐著瘦腿 Easy get the slim thigh


You can do this exercise when you are reading documents, it's real easy. Sit properly, put your palms together between your thigh. Hold your thigh and keens together. Start use your hands to push the thighs away, in the mean time squeeze your thighs together, repeat this action. 


Keep your chin up!
Singapore influencer Manda features Cassandra Bra & Aria Graphic Leggings
Yoga Teacher Jamie Victoria features Zinnia Bra & Lucky High Rise Leggings


3.輕鬆瘦面 Get rid of double chin


 If you have the problem of double chin, try to do this everyday! Move your mouth like you are saying these words, "A、I、WU、E、O " . You don't have to make the sound out, just do the shape. Do it few minutes everyday, you will see the difference!