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記住這4個貼士 讓你做任何運動都燃燒更多卡路里 事半功倍 !
scarlett chiu
記住這4個貼士  讓你做任何運動都燃燒更多卡路里 事半功倍 !

都市人生活繁忙, 能夠抽時間做運動已經是很難得。如果可以在相等的時間內, 燃燒更多卡路里是不是很美滿? 有四個專家推介的運動小貼士,能應用在任何運動, 讓你每次運動也有更佳的效果!

if you are living a busy life, squeezing  time for exercise is kind of a precious thing. Isn't it great if you can burn more calories in the same amount of time? Here is what you need, we have 4 useful tips from the expert that works for any type of workout! 


 Left: Monique Crop Top II & Streamline Leggings II

Right (Amanda Ang) : Paya Light Impact Bra & Tatianna Leggings


1. 挑選喜愛的音樂 Workout with your favourite songs

經過實驗證實, 一邊聽著音樂做運動能夠比不聽音樂燃燒多7%的卡路里, 而且心跳率也能每分鐘平均多10下! 快來準備你的playlist吧,聽著喜愛的音樂,心情也會更輕快!

Listening music is one of the easiest way to rev up your calories burn! Experiment shows exercisers listen to music increased their average heart rate by 10 beats per minute. Hence they work harder and burned 7% more calories!



Left:   Stinger Light Impact Bra & Heart Mesh Cut-Out Legging

Right: Aria Graphic Leggings


2. 增加難度 Make your exercise more difficult


You have to use more in order to burn more calories. You put on weights during exercise. If hike or running is your thing, choose walk on a incline, it can help you burn 5% more calories! 



 Yoga teacher Joey wearing Alicia Light Impact Bra & Brittany Mesh Waist Leggings


3. 與比你強一點的人一起運動 Work with someone better than you

研究指和一些身形比你好或比你更強壯的人一起運動,也許是氣氛影嚮, 能增加你的運動時間和強度200%! 

Expert points out that workout with a partner you thought was a little stronger or fitter than you, can boost your workout time and intensity by 200%! 


 Kimberly Chan wearing Paya Light Impact Bra  & Compress Crop Leggings & Georgia Jacket


4. 運動前先飲凍咖啡 Drink ice coffee

咖啡因本來已有速進新陳代謝和提升表現的的效果,而凍飲也有增加新陳代謝5%的作用, 因為身體需要運作把冷的飲品變暖。凍咖啡是個很好的飲品,能使你更專注,即使是高難度的運動也會覺得輕鬆了,自然會更投入,燃燒更多!

Caffeine and cold drink both could revs metabolism, coffee is also a performance enhancer! You will feel easier for hard workout, turns out you will work harder, eventually burning more fat!