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scarlett chiu

大家有沒有發現每次脂肪都長在同一個地方?通常都是在腹部和大腿這些地方先長肉。那麼究竟為什麼身體會有「先胖 /瘦某個部位」的情況發生呢?又有什麼更有效的方法減掉這些部位呢? 來聽聽專家的分析和建議吧。

Have you ever wonder why it's so hard to lose belly fat? It seems fat are more likely cling to belly, thigh and hip. Expert tells there are more effective way targeting those areas!


Model Hannah Bradshaw (left) wearing Taisha Light Impact Bra.

Yoga teacher and model Tricia Tan (right) wearing Lacey Heart Bra.

Both features the Tatianna Leggings.



It's because the body preferentially sends fat to those areas so that the stored energy is near the vital organs in case they need it. Especially important for women when it comes to pregnancy.


 Singapore yoga teacher Lesley Ann De Cruz (left) wearing Karla Bra and Heart Mesh Cut Out Leggings III.
Singapore SHAPE Fit Girl 2018 Roxanne Gan (right) wearing Taisha Light Impact Bra and Compress Mesh Crop Leggings 



Many women start their exercise with a lot of abdominal exercises. Just know that by doing lots of abdominal exercises, you’re just strengthening and improving the muscular endurance of your abs — not “targeting” tummy fat.


Fitness trainer Amanda Ang (left)  wearing Layla Bra and  Transverse Leggings

Influencer Shannon Taylor features Ramona Bra and Kylie Leggings.



To get rid of the belly fat, the correct way is to do more cardio exercises. First trim down the total body, follow with specific workouts targeting those areas. The change would be more noticeable.