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要成為健身房最時尚的一位? 你需要的單品是...
scarlett chiu
要成為健身房最時尚的一位? 你需要的單品是...

2018 捲起了一股時尚風潮,絕對是把Athleisure發揮到另一層次。一件以往無人問津的運動單品,在打開社交網絡處處都是這個造型⋯⋯若果你是時尚女生,也許已經猜到了,就是Biker Shorts單車短褲! 無論是博客、名媛、超模都追捧,是一件暴光率超高的單品。Biker shorts的魅力就是意想不到的易搭,只要跳出你的comfort zone 就能駕馭這個造型!

Biker shorts are the newest athleisure trend to hit the scene! Biker shorts are the It-trend, and we've seen them pretty much everywhere on social media. Thanks to the celebrities that turn biker shorts suddenly a "thing" , a fashionable trend . Step out of your comfort zone and you will find biker short are so comfortable and easy to pull off!


運動後隨意套上外衣, 下身穿Biker shorts和近年大熱的Dad Sneakers就是最舒適的打扮! Casually put on a top match with dad sneaker is a great after gym look.


超模Hadid姐妹 和 Kendall Jenner以全黑造型襯尖頭高跟鞋既低調又型格! Try a pull off a edgy look like the Hadid sister and Kendall Jenner, all black plus pointed toe heels!


Biker shorts搭西裝外套會有意想不到的時尚感! You will be surprised how chic to wear biker shorts with blazer!



跳出comfort zone, 運動不一定要穿緊身長褲! 短褲更清爽有新鮮感! Be bold! Wear shorts instead of leggings to gym!

Model Alana Tsui matching MAJOR BRA with Compress Biker Short .



Singapore KOL Charlene Su wear Paya Light Impact Bra  with Compress Short 



新一年要有新嘗試, 快挑選適合你的緊身短褲吧! Pick a biker shorts for your new year wardrobe!


Compress Biker Short


Brooker Short


Kourtney Shorts