RED is the new black - 農歷新年就是要穿紅色!

RED is the new black - 農歷新年就是要穿紅色!

農歷新年將近,依傳統習俗人人都會添新衣的,而且穿紅色更添喜慶!新一代也許會認為紅色很老土,但從街拍可看到到處都是紅色的身影, 證明紅色是時尚圈火紅的顏色! 其實紅色只要配搭得宜, 你也能打造一個時尚的新春造型, 來向時裝達人偷師吧!

Yay! Chinese New Year is around the corner! In tradition we buy new clothes for CNY and it needs to be lucky red! Somehow red might be hard to manage but what if we tell you red is the IT colours?  We can see red is everywhere in street snap. Lets learn from the fashionistas!



超模Kendall Jenner , Hadid姐妹也利用紅色來點亮造型! 無論是Gigi 的型格時尚風, 或Kendall 和Bella的休閒運動風, 加入紅色絕對無違和感!

 The supermodel knows how to use Red to lighten up your look! Learn from Gigi's edgy style to Kendall and Bells's athleisure , the red in their look is a highlight! 




If you want to stay low key, add a red items to complete you outfit. Red coat, purse and skirt are easy to match. You will never go wrong to wear red with black and white.


留意細節,利用不同物料如針織、漆皮、天鵝絨去配搭, 即使全身都是同一顏色也不單調。新年就是穿紅的最佳理由!

Mix different texture to your look, like velvet, leather and knit. It's a tip to make tone on tone more interesting! Chinese New Year is the best reason to wear red! 



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