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感到STRESSED OUT? 給繁忙女士的減壓方法!
scarlett chiu
感到STRESSED OUT? 給繁忙女士的減壓方法!

你有沒有試過無故哭泣和易憤怒; 對自己產生負面情緒; 小小工作也感到應付不到,應接不暇;過份緊張、不安、憂慮;精神長期處於緊繃狀態無法放鬆?如果有以上徵兆的話就代表你的精神壓力大,要好好對治這問題。嚴重的身體什至出現警號,倒如:頸痛、背痛、肌肉抽筋; 胃痛和頭痛; 抵抗力下降,時常生病等等。

Have you ever felt trapped, getting upset by quite trivial things,irritable and panic, always in a state of nervous tension? If you have these problems, that's a sign that there are too much stress in you life. Sometimes you body might have physical pain like upset stomach, tense muscles, frequent colds and infections etc.

Features: Stinger Light Impact Bra  Compress Short 


Any job can have stressful elements, even if you love what you do. At some point, felt the pressure of work-related stress. When work stress becomes chronic, it can be harmful to both physical and emotional health. Here are some advice for coping with stress.


Features: Breeze Light Impact Bra & Brittany Mesh Waist Leggings



-  長期使用電話、電腦 Using smartphone and computer all day long

-  每分每秒也想著工事 Thinking about work every single moment

-  放假也只留在家中 Staying at home even day off


DO : 

- 給自己放空的時間,讓腦袋停下來 Learn how to relax your mind

- 午飯的時候出外散步,離開工作環境 Have a periods of time to “switch off” from work everyday

-  多點戶外運動,呼吸新鮮空氣曬太陽 Do more outdoor activities for the fresh air and sun


Left: Losa Medium Impact Bra & Lucky Breeches Graphic

Right: Sprint Tank  & Lucky Graphic Futura High Rise



All these advice are asking you to stay away from work, pay some time and attention to yourself!