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Titika Active Couture™ 2017秋冬發佈會 | 香港首個Soho pop-up 店
Brian Lee
Titika Active Couture™ 2017秋冬發佈會 | 香港首個Soho pop-up 店


一直於亞洲區主力以網店經營的TITIKA ,剛於中環SOHO舉行首個POP-UP STORE,並於1021日舉行秋冬系列發佈會,星級瑜伽導師 Coffee Lam, 時裝博客Sharon.C , 網紅Alana Tsui及 Louise Page等紛紛現身支持!

TITIKA has Launched the brand new fall winter collection and first pop-up store in Soho . Celebritites and Influencers such as Coffee Lam, Alana Tsui, Louise Page and Sharon C were there for the special evening.





為熱愛運動的女士而設既TITIKA Active、以High Fashion 路線為主既TITIKA BLACK、隨性簡約既TITIKA GO-TO,全新三個系列滿足顧客不同場合包括Gymroom、辦公室 及派對的造型需要,同時亦可混搭出層次豐富的日常穿搭

A selection of new pieces from the Autumn/Winter collection are showcased at Soho pop-store. Titika Active, Titika Go-To and Titika Black can be mixed and matched to create a style that is perfectly Versatile and Active.

活動同時邀請了瑜伽導師 Faric.C 及Sham Phyllis為 TITIKA教授兩堂瑜伽班讓大家一同放鬆身心。
TITIKA has teamed up with Faris.c and Sham Phyllis (Yoga Bam Bam) for 2 Yoga sessions events at the launch event !