TITIKA 連續3年支持!IRIS: YOUR ESCAPE -全港最大型健康節 2018

TITIKA 連續3年支持!IRIS: YOUR ESCAPE -全港最大型健康節 2018

一年一度全港最大型健康節 IRIS 於3月初在西九龍文化區一連兩日盛大舉行。雖然兩天的活動都出現驟雨,但仍無礙大家的熱烈參與!IRIS 是全港唯一推廣健康生活的活動,TITIKA已經是連續第3年參加! TITIKA 於場內展示了今季最新系列,讓大家有機會親身接觸TITIKA的產品!

It’s the third year TITIKA participating IRIS: Your Escape, the one and only all day Yoga and Wellness Festival in Hong Kong. There were great vibes around the event tough the weather was partly cloudy and rainy. It’s a good opportunity for customer to feel and touch the high-tech materials of TITIKA’s design!




Great thanks to all of you came over our booth!

TITIKA 準備的POP CARD 和限量送出的GYM BAG 十分受歡迎!

Everyone loves TITIKA's gymbag and pop card! 


新加坡創作女歌手Natalie Hiong 身穿VARVARA TANK演出。
Singaporean songwriter and signer Natalie Hiong wore the VARVARA TANK for her performance in IRIS.

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瑜伽導師Arvy Chan穿上TITIKA 的套裝於IRIS 授課,很配合她優雅的姿態!
Avry chan wearing TITIKA’s active wear for her class in IRIS! Her confidence shine through the pose!
More than a hundred of people do Yoga together in the meadow!

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Besides yoga there were other sessions for you to challenge yourself!

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TIITKA 很高興於活動見到很多志同道合的朋友。下年我們在IRIS再見,一起感受那股正能量吧!
Hope to meet you next year in IRIS. Let’s enjoy that strong positive energy together!

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