TITIKA x Eliment Fitlax  |  ICG Coach By Color 室內單車體驗活動

TITIKA x Eliment Fitlax | ICG Coach By Color 室內單車體驗活動

上月TITIKA 與Eliment Fitlax 舉行了室內單車體驗活動。Spinning class 是現時最流行的運動之一,是次活動主要是讓參加者體驗Eliment Fitlax 的全新科技Coach by Color團體單車訓練系統(ICG)。同場我們也展示最新的TITIKA 系列,讓大家可親身試穿!

Last month we had a collaboration with Eliment Fitlax for an exclusive spinning class. Eliment Fitlax is equipped with the ICG Coach by Color, each participant could try out this latest technology. We also showcased our latest collection in the venue!  


場內有TITIKA 的最新系列讓大家親身感受! Everyone can explore TITIKA's latest collection! 



Coach by Color ICG 訓練系統就是透過運動數據把健身人士的運動狀態以顏色區別及反映出來,讓無論健身人士及教練,都可一目了然知道練習水平。

ICG – Coach by Colour cycling system is a technology amplifies the class energy by making it visible and the connected experience brings riders closer to their goals and each other.


在導師Derick的帶領下,配合場內特別顏色燈光及節奏強勁的音樂,讓大家更投入! Under the lead of instructor Derick, with the special lighting effect and the beat of music, everyone give their 100% to the class! 


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