TITIKA X WEBARRE - BARRE體驗課 優雅靜態的運動新概念!

TITIKA X WEBARRE - BARRE體驗課 優雅靜態的運動新概念!

上月TITIKA 與新加坡著名的健身中心WeBarre合作,舉行了一堂Barre的體驗課。顧名思義Barre 就是利用芭蕾舞扶手配合的運動。Barre結合了芭蕾舞,Pilates 和Yoga,是一項節奏輕快的帶氧運動。 藉著靜態的伸展,及輕度重量訓練,Barre 也能達致一定的瘦身效果。

TITIKA had a collaboration with the famous Singapore barre studio, WeBarre in the past month.Barre is a combination of postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines like yoga and Pilates. Most of the poses requires holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscle. The barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on strength training. Barre is a dance-inspired exercise combined with music and elegant posture!


每位參與的成員都獲得一件TIITKA TANK 和 Goodie Bag!Everyone can have a free goodie bag and TITIKA tank!


TITIKA 也藉此與Webarre 的 Director, Hairin Bahren 淺談Barre 這項運動的特色和風氣。

We had an interview with the director of WeBarre, Hairin Bahren.



Q1.相比其他連動,Barre 有什麼特別? What’s so special about barre ?

Barre 是一項結合了芭蕾,瑜伽,Pilates和音樂的運動。 利用芭蕾的扶手幫助平衡,同時有動態和Hold的動作。兩者配合能鍛練我們的體力,柔軟度和忍耐力!

It brings together ballet technique, yoga, pilates and strength training in an exhilarating workout that challenges and transforms your entire body. Our workouts make use of the barre for balance, focusing on isometric holds and then combining it with dynamic movement. You train your strength, flexibility and endurance in just 60 minutes.


Q2.什麼原因促使你開Webarre?為什麼選擇香港開分店?Any reason that drove you to open a barre studio? Why Hong Kong?


I was first introduced to barre 10 years ago when I was living in NYC and have practiced it since. I’m a dancer at heart, LOVE music and was hooked on barre from my very first class! Hong Kong can be a lonely and stressful city and we wanted to offer an oasis in the middle if this bustling city where people can work out, unwind and make friends!


WeBarre 設在中環,溫和的日光讓人非常放鬆。WeBarre locate in Central. The natural sun light make this place really cozy and relaxing. 


Q3· 初初在香港開業最大的困難是什麼呢? What is the biggest challenge when you first bring WeBarre to Hong Kong?

要尋找一個合適的地點很苦惱呢!我們找遍找許多地方才找到現在這個便利又美的 單位。我們希望WeBarre會是一個大家想每天都來的地方!
Finding a suitable space to bring to life our vision. We wanted to find a location that was accessible, convenient and beautiful- a place where people would look forward to coming to every day.
Hairin wearing the edgy  RAMONA BRA and flexible  PEACH LEGGINGS
Q4· 你對運動裝有什麼特別要 求嗎?Do you have any preferences when choosing activewear?
I look for comfort and style when choosing activewear. Something that I can move freely in and won’t worry about ripping apart when I’m going deep in my plies and kicking high.


Q5· Barre在新加坡是否很流行?香港也會跟上在個熱潮嗎?Is barre class popular in Singapore?  Do you think it can be heated up in Hong Kong as well?
自從 Webarre 在新加坡開業以後,Barre 在新加坡開始很受歡迎了!我們現在已有三間分店。盼望香港也會跟上新加坡的腳步! 
Yes! Barre has increased in popularity since WeBarre has opened and we have 3 studios in Singapore now. We hope the same for Hong Kong as well!
Check out WeBare class! > https://bit.ly/2rtU1Iu
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