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TITIKAXME | 香港鋼管舞始祖 Melody Pole Dance Studio|Melody Rose 大談對鋼管舞的抱負
scarlett chiu
TITIKAXME | 香港鋼管舞始祖 Melody Pole Dance Studio|Melody Rose 大談對鋼管舞的抱負
鋼管舞給你的印象只是停留在性感野艷嗎? 鋼管舞是一種講求力量和柔軟的舞蹈,需要皮膚與 鋼管的接觸增加 摩擦力,所以服飾少布不是只為了展現 性感。大眾對 鋼管舞的誤解多多,Melody Pole Dance Studio 校長 Melody Rose 堅持做自己喜歡的事,持續的練習和不停推廣,使她的舞室由一間變三間。 成功得來不易,一起聽聽Melody對 鋼管舞的熱誠!
Are you still thinking pole dance is way too sexy and alluring? This is the perception to most people in Hong Kong. Pole dance require lot of strength and flexibility, showing more skin just for creating more fiction to the pole so they don't fall down easily. Melody Pole Dance studio founder Melody Rose, she keep her strong will and interest in pole dance, that makes her become a owner of 3 studios. Success does not come easily. Melody shared her insight exclusively with us! 
1.  你練習了鋼管舞多久開始有成立自己studio的念頭? How long have you been practising pole dance ? At what point you think it can become a career?
我2006年開始學pole dance, 大概五六年之後覺得可以將pole Dance變為事業。教了鋼管舞兩三年後希望能有自己的studio。只有自己的鋼管舞學校,才可以把自己的風格和文化傳授給我的學生。
I start practising pole dance in 2006. After 5,6 years want to turn it into career, so I start teaching pole dance. Three years later I think I am ready to run my own studio. Only having my own studio could let me passing all my skills to my students.
3. 開鋼管舞學校是你的夢想嗎?未來有什麼大計?Do you think having your own studio is a dream came true? Any plan for your future?
Founding a pole dance studio is my dream. I believe every pole teacher would like to have their own studio. Every teacher come from different background, they have their unique style and concept. 
I wish to inspire more ladies in Hong Kong. Do what the wish to do, step out of the comfort zone. They can find pure joy in my studio. I would like to encourage women to pursue their dream, you can achieve it as long as you give 100% effort. 
 學 鋼管舞的學生愈來愈多。 More and more people learn pole dance.  
4. 鋼管舞在香港的是不是愈來愈流行? Does pole dance getting more popular in HK?
Pole dance is getting more popular. Six years ago I founded my first studio, now I have three studios in Hong Kong. Lot of new students join us in every semester. I believe the trend of pole dance will be getting hotter in future, and gaining more respect in the dancing industry. 
Melody 去年參與了 Miss Bikini,為此她愛上了健身 。 Melody fell in loves with body building after she participate Miss Bikini last year. 
Melody wearing: Twist BraletteSandy Shorts
5. 去年你參與了Miss Bikini,你也喜歡健身? We know you also participated the ms.Bikini competition. Are you also a body builder?
2018年我參加了第一次在香港舉辦的Miss Bikini, 得到了第二名今年我將會再參加。健身對於鋼管舞有很大嘅益處,因為鋼管舞主要運用大肌肉群,小肌肉群比較少機會練到。健身可以練習體力,改善姿勢,而且可以獨立訓練肌肉。對鋼管舞有好大益處。
Last year I am the second runner up of the Miss Bikini, I will participate again this year. Bodybuilding is really good for practising pole dance. Most of the time we were activating big muscle in pole dance, by specific training in the gym I can train up those small muscle. It helps improve strength, alignment for pole dance. 
成功不是一朝一夕,Melody 花很多時間拉筋。Melody spend so much times on stretching.
6. 學習鋼管舞是不是要有天生柔軟的體質才適合? Many people think they don’t suitable for pole dance because they are not flexible and strong enough. Is that true?
I wasn't born super flexible. After many years practising, I gain so much flexibility overall but some parts still stiff. I think as long as you have the interest to explore pole dance, either you are bendy or not, it won't be your problem. By practising, these things will come for you. You will be getting stronger. Keep the fire in your heart, there are nothing you can't do. 
Titika Dance Collection即將發售! All clothing by Titika Dance Collection. Coming soon!
7. 跳鋼管舞的服飾有什麼特別的要求? Any special functions/design of the clothing for pole dance ? 
跳鋼管舞需要用到很皮膚的接觸,通常都會穿上小短褲,所以服飾最重要就是要令到舞者覺得安全,不會走光, 而且要令腳顯長。上身方面最重要是包裏貼身,做倒轉動作時候不會走光。整體感覺要性感得來又顯瘦。Titika 的pole dance 系列,設計非常好看而且舒服,顏色特別,在市場上比較少見,身邊的朋友都稱讚呢!
For pole dance the more expose of your skin the better of grip, so we usually wear bra with tiny shorts. It is especially important the clothes make the dancer feel safe and won't let any wardrobe malfunction happen. The clothing need to be sexy and make you look slim, that's what TITIKA's pole dance collection could do! They are super comfy, stylish and colourful, which is rare to find in the market. Many of my friends praise of my look!