TITIKAXME | Minnie Cheung: 瑜伽讓我找到人生目標

TITIKAXME | Minnie Cheung: 瑜伽讓我找到人生目標


年輕的Minnie原來練習瑜伽已經10 年,是註冊瑜伽導師同時擁有教授小童瑜伽的資格,更被Hong Kong Tatler推薦為必需關注的香港瑜伽導師之一。Minnie在成為瑜伽導師之前是一名美術老師, 現在Minnie於YOGA BAM BAM全職教授,雖然沒有繼續當美術老師,但她希望能夠把藝術融入她的動作中。難怪她的風格帶有舞者般的優雅!

Minnie is young but she’s also an experienced yogi! She has been practicing yoga for ten years. She is a qualified yoga teacher and certified in children yoga as well. Minnie also been chosen by Hong Kong Tatler as one of the Hong Kong yoga teacher to follow. Minnie is now full-time teaching at YOGA BAM BAM. Before teaching yoga, she was a art teacher. That might be the reason she always pose so elegant.


Like most of the other girls, Minnie start learning yoga because she wanted to lose weight. She joined a yoga class randomly and bought some yoga DVDs to watch and follow. Who know that was a life changing decision!



T: 是甚麼推動你成為一位瑜伽導師?What motivates you became a yoga teacher?

M: 我並沒特別追求去成為一個瑜伽導師呢,這是一件自然發生的事。現在看到學生從瑜伽得到的身心改變和快樂,是我最大的動力!

I didn’t really pursue to be a Yoga teacher. For now, people’s body transformation and the happiness they get from Yoga is what motivates me.


T: 瑜伽對你最大的影響是甚麼?How yoga changed you?

M: 曾經有一段時間,我對人生感到迷失。練習瑜伽之後,令我變得有自信和敢於與人分享想法,更加了解自己。

I think I like to share more and have more confidence in speaking. There was a time I was stuck in thinking what I would like to do and my goal in life.


T: 最的難忘的經歷是甚麼?What’s the most unforgettable experience in your yoga journey?

M: 我第一個導師訓練在峇里,那是一個改變一生的經歷!瑜伽有把人連結起來的力量,來自世界各地的同學,和不同的故事讓我大開眼界。

My first teacher training in Bali. It was a life changing moment. I met people from different countries, with different stories to get them to here. Yoga connects people.





T: 能跟大家分享你的人生目標嗎?Do you have a goal in life? Any achievement you looking after to?

M: 我希望可以不停的學習,在不同的時刻吸收不同事物,增值自己。未來希望能夠周遊世界,離開我的安全區,把瑜伽和健康的正能量分享出去。

To have different challenges in different times in my life. I want to keep learning new things. My next goal would be traveling around and sharing Yoga, health and wellness. It’s good to get outside my comfort zone.

Minnie 喜歡簡單的配搭,她這一身打扮非常輕便。在運動裝外搭一件外套,時尚 馬上升級!

T: 在選擇運勳衣飾時,有什麼要求? What’s your preference in choosing yoga clothing?

M: 我喜歡較簡單的款式,最重要舒適自在。有時會選擇有花紋的legging, 讓造型更特出。 上下身的顏色一軟要配!

I like plain, simple Yoga outfits. Maybe some patterns for the leggings. The colors have to match but casual and comfortable is the key.

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