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TITIKAXME | 藝人VICKY CHAN陳偉琪 :保持感恩的心讓我忘記工作的壓力
scarlett chiu
TITIKAXME | 藝人VICKY CHAN陳偉琪 :保持感恩的心讓我忘記工作的壓力

藝人的生活有多繁忙,普通人實在難以想像。無標準工時,一天跑不同場地,四處飛,食無定時,睡眠不足...真的要有超人體力才能應付到。Vicky 於2013年參選港姐,及後參加藝員訓練班成為演員。幕前演出愈來愈多,作量大增,但Vicky 仍然容光煥發,保持身材火辣。Vicky與我們分享她是如何平衡工作壓力和keep fit 的秘訣。


People like us living an ordinary life is hard to imagine how the celebrity's life would be. They has to have strong will to cope with the busy schedule, harsh judgements on social media, less sleep...etc. Vicky Chan was participating Miss HongKong in 2013 and she turned an actress later. Vicky is glowing even she's living a stressful life. Vicky had shared how she maintain her fierce body and not letting the stress beat her down. Let's meet the real Vicky. 



Outfits on Vicky Left : Daniella Lightweight TankGeneva Leggings 
1. 藝人每星期的工作時間有多長?As an actress, how many hours you basically spend in work per week?

It varies, on average I do go to work around 6 days a week. In my industry, work schedule is sometimes all scattered as in you get to go on multiple vacations in a month or cluttered to the point that you don't even have time to sleep. 
相信work hard play hard 是Vicky 的格言!
2. 你是如何平衡繁忙的工作和生活呢?How do you maintain work life balance?
要做到work life balance 實在不容易。我覺得運動能夠釋放壓力和減少焦躁。如果容許我會去一個短途旅行去重整我的身心。有時候我感到很疲累和迷失,會隨手拿起一本書閱讀。閱讀讓我平靜下來和重拾初衷

It's difficult for sure. However, I think working out releases some anxiety, stress, and anger that's built up internally. Of course, if possible, going on a short holiday is also very rejuvenating for me. I also have the weird habit of reading whenever I feel exhausted or lost. It keeps me grounded and helps me refocus on my end goals.
珍惜家人的Vicky 的經常帶父母出遊。
3. 你人生最重要的事情是什麼? What’s the most important thing in your life?
Family is everything to me and I keep reminding myself of my want to make my family proud. As an actress, sometimes you have to handle rejection and judgment and the only way to overcome obstacles is to constantly regain focus. Also, counting my blessings and being grateful for having people who love me and cares for me also helps me annihilate negative energy.
4. 參加香港小姐是改變你一生的決定嗎? Was competing for Miss HK a life changing decision to you?
在溫哥華參選了Miss Chinese Vancouver之後,其實我並沒有打算加入演藝圈,之後回流香港打算從事法律業務。參加香港小姐我並沒有打算獲得什麼,只是朋友鼓勵我參加才一試。雖然我並非什麼選美皇后,但我感恩選港姐這個決擇改變了我生命,因為我現在能夠把我喜歡的演藝工作成為我的職業!

After participating in Miss Chinese Vancouver I thought I was done with the entertainment industry. I actually came back to Hong Kong and joined the Law industry. However, after a year, my friends asked me to try again and I passively went to join. I'm not a pageant girl, but it did change my life and now I get to do what I love to do-- act for a living! I feel so blessed.
Vicky 是Thai Boxing 的愛好者!
5. 能夠分享你保持火辣身材的秘密嗎? Any secrets of keeping your fierce body?
藝人工作沒有固定時間表,實在很難去keep住身形。一有空閒時間我就會運動,什麼運動也可以。大部時候我會打泰拳,籃球,水療單車再加焗桑那把身體毒素排出。我也經 歷過自我形象低落的時候,但隨著年紀長大人變得成熟,會明白很多人都經歷這個心歷程,要保持樂觀和愛自己才會快樂。

Its definitely hard to maintain your body without having a fixed working schedule. I just do what I can. I either go do muay Thai, basketball or aquabike followed by infrared sauna to sweat all toxins out. I guess a lot of people have body image issues and I certainly do too, but with age and maturity, you learn to stay positive and know that a lot of people are on this journey with you. And learn to love yourself, and your body!
Workout gears on Vicky Left: Losa Bra
6.你最愛的Titika 單品是什麼?它有什麼特點令你愛不釋手?Which Titika workout gear is your favorite?
我最愛的單品是Marble J jacket 和 Kylie leggings。Marble J 外套的剪裁的十分顯瘦和時尚,穿上後很修身而且質料很舒服!我在片場也會帶上它!
My favorite would be the Marble J jacket and the Kylie leggings. The Marble J jacket is so slimming and so stylish, and it hugs the body so well and comfortably. I love it so much that I wore it for shooting in my sitcom!
另外Kylie legging 也是我的最愛之一,因為它兩旁設有口袋。運動時用電話聽音樂是必需的,有口袋的好處就是能電話跟身!真的好方便, 我推介了給很多朋友,因為很多人都問我是出自什麼品牌呢!
As for the Kylie leggings, I love them because of the side pocket. Really comes in handy when you're working out to have somewhere to put your phone close, as you're playing music from it. A lot of my friends have been asking me where I got it. And what do I do when I love something? I share it like cray! 

Vicky推介的 TITIKA 單品:

Marble J jacket


Kylie Leggings