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TITKAXME | 營養師專訪 - Nutrilicious 創辦人 Michelle Lau 分享健康心得!
scarlett chiu
TITKAXME |  營養師專訪 - Nutrilicious 創辦人 Michelle Lau 分享健康心得!
作為營養師的飲食生活到底是如何? 上班族應如何留意飲食? 註冊營養師Michelle Lau 創辦了營養諮詢公司NUTRILICIOUS, 為不同人士或企業提供營養飲食建議、運動營養學、體重管理、孕婦營養學等。Michelle 為TITIKA 獨家分享她的健康心得和小貼士! 
Registered nutritionist Michelle Lau is the founder of nutrition consultancy NUTRILICIOUS. Michelle's mission is to improve the health and wellness of people with different health/nutritional needs and goals and lead to a healthier and happier life! Michelle exclusively shared her insight into the nutrition world with TITIKA!
 1.  可以分享一下你每日的基本膳食嗎?Can you share what you usually eat daily?
My plate usually consist of a lean protein (think eggs or salmon), lots of vegetables, and a bit of healthy fat (such as avocado, pesto or extra virgin olive oil) and a portion of good carbohydrates (ie. minimally processed carb-rich foods that retain their nutrients and do not spike my blood sugar level such as wholegrain toast and legumes are my go-to options.

Michelle經常為不同活動作營養顧問。Michelle provides professional advise to corporate and event. 

2. 你的客人通常是因什麼問題而向你尋求意見?What's the most common issue of your patient looking for consultation from you? 
My clients come to me with a broad range of nutrition/health needs and also weight/fitness goals, from fat loss and race day diet support to gastrointestinal and high cholesterol issues. My nutrition consultancy, NUTRILICIOUS, focuses in sports nutrition, weight management, maternal nutrition, community nutrition, and general wellness. However, a lot of my time goes toward consulting for hospitality groups, food manufacturers, restaurants in recipes/product developments and menu planning and also designing and running nutrition education programmes for schools, corporations, and organizations. 
Michelle 與團隊一起創作健康食譜。The team of NUTRILICIOUS often create healthy recipes together.
3. 現在流行素食,你鼓勵大家追隨這個飲食主義嗎?Being vegan is such a trend right now. Do you encourage people to become vegan? Is it a good trend to follow?
I never encourage people to follow any strict diet. Instead, I encourage people to adopt a plant-based diet that focuses on whole foods and the base of diet is, of cause, plants! It doesn’t mean you are “vegan” or any other label, it means you consume a diet rich in whole fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds, etc. When your diet is plant-centric, you are focusing on plants, but you may not always eliminate animal products from the equation — you find the equation and amount that feels right for your body, your health, and your lifestyle. It's all about balance, just like all things in life.
可以留意Michelle 和 Nutrilicous 社交號, 會不時分享健康食譜! Take a look the webste & social media account of Nutrilicous for more health tips and cooking idea!
4. 對於繁忙的上班族,你有什麼健康建議?Can you make some suggestions to people working 9-5 for achieving a healthy lifestyle?
The mantra of NUTRILICIOUS is "Eat Whole, Train Smart, Live full" - Simply by eating natural, unprocessed, whole foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables coupled with healthy carbs and fats and eliminating unnecessary mid-day/late night unhealthy sugary, highly-processed, and high fat snacks and/or beverages (eg. bubble teas, cookies) and also make sure you are staying active by doing 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise/120 minutes of high intensity exercise weekly. Not to mention, getting at least at least 7-8 hours of shut eye, all of these provide many health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, improving mood and boosting energy!
Michelle 認同 飲食比運動重要。 Michelle agree diet is more important than exercise.
5. 有人提出減重的原頭80%來自飲食,20% 來自運動,是真的嗎?Some say that the formula for weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Is that true?
是真的!相信我,你永遠不會達到理想身型如果你沒有良好的膳食! 節食比運動更有效是,要消耗大量的卡路里(eg.500cal)是需要很多運動。反而在飲食中減少500cal 比起經運動減少的輕易得多!你的飲食相比起你如何消耗更重要。節食配合運動,更事半功倍!
Definitely! Believe me, you can never exercise out of a poor diet.The reason dieting is so much more effective than exercise is because it takes a lot more exercise to create a substantial calorie deficit (eg. 500 calories) through working out! Whereas it’s much easier to create a 500-calorie deficit through diet alone than it is to burn 500 calories through exercise. What you eat matters more than how you work it off, but fitness might push you past plateaus and help you achieve your weight goals.
行山是Michelle 最愛的運動!Hiking is Michelle's favorite workout!
6. 你最愛的運動是什麼?What’s your favorite workout?
I am an avid long-distance runner and hiker. I am a early riser, I usually wake up at 6a.m. to go for a quick 60-minute run/hike before going in to my office, it really energies me and powers me through my day. 
選擇適合的運動裝自信倍增! Great workout gear would definitely boost your confidence!
7. 你認為一套吸睛的運動裝能否提升自信,無論是什麼尺碼的女生?Do you think a set of pretty workout gears can boost up confidence no matter what size you are?
When choosing active wear, it has to be functional, comfortable, and of good quality, which is why I love Titika. I think women should be confident and be comfortable in whatever sizes they are in but wearing pretty workout gears would definitely further bring out their character and style.